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November28th 2011 / Text Story
The Baylor Lady Bears have adopted a local Lady Bear fan Haley Klepper and her sister Hannah. For four years, Haley has suffered from an undiagnosed condition.
November 8th 2011 / Text Story
Teen left blind, deaf, paralyzed by mystery illness.
November 7th 2011 / Text Story
Collin Raye shares more about his first born granddaughter. Haley had a neurological disorder that the best doctors in the country could not diagnose.
September 27th 2011 / Text Story
5-year-old Donovan Rivas is a medical mystery. He suffers from a rare disease that affects his connective tissue, also known as the "cellular glue" that surrounds our organs. Doctors have not been able to diagnose Donovan's disease.
September 22nd 2011 / Text Story
Clawson Family shares painful story of their twins one with and Undiagnosed Syndrome and the other with Wilms Tumor.
September 20th 2011 / Text Story
Two-year-old Niamh Williams from Rhuddlan has spent her life in and out of hospital while doctors carry out reams of medical tests.
September 20th 2011 / Text Story
Little Rhien Browning, at 18-month-old she has almost 30 separate symptoms that relate to her medical mystery.
September 2nd 2011 / Text Story
Courageous Amy-Claire Davies, 16, has made a “bucket list” of 250 things to do before she dies. She has an undiagnosed terminal illness that affects her immune system as well as her other systems in her body.
August 25th 2011 / Text Story
Newborn baby who has an undiagnosed respiratory disease.
August 22nd 2011 / Text Story
Rachel 5 and Janneke 2 were born with a similar yet undiagnosed syndrome that affects every aspect of their lives. They can't eat. Speak. Roll over. Walk.
August 15th 2011 / Text Story
5 year old, Reece LoCicero, gets a partial diagnosis for his mystery illness after attending the Undiagnosed Disease Program.
August 15th 2011 / Text Story
Baby Diana's medical mystery baffles doctors.
August 4th 2011 / Text Story
15 year old Chris Hall has a mystery disease at 6'8" and 325 his body can't handle it and he has lost the ability to walk.
August 1st 2011 / Text Story
Victoria Anne Nelson, a 7-year-old battling mystery illness. She suddenly fell ill and suffered a mild stroke.
July 26th 2011 / Text Story
Battling an undiagnosed condition, courageous Lily Chiarantano, 5, is not able to do what many people take for granted walk on her own two feet.
July 22nd 2011 / Text Story
Little Jayda is suffering from an undiagnosed neuro-muscular condition which leaves her practically unable to use her muscles and she has to be fed through a tube.
June 24th 2011 / Text Story
Cole is five and the family still does not have a diagnosis for his medical issues.
May 23rd 2011 / Text Story
Doctors have finally found answers over why seven-year-old, Melody Brook, was struck down by a mystery illness which left her disabled.
May 20th 2011 / Text Story
9-year-old, Jocelyn Jones, Rochester girl with an unknown medical condition has taken a turn for the worse
April 18th 2011 / Text Story
Doctors don’t know what the root cause of Donovan Charlong's medical mystery.
February 19th 2011 / Text Story
10 year old Jordon struggles with various medical issues with no diagnosis.
January 19th 2011 / Text Story
40 year old Benjamin Button looks like a child and Gabby Williams, 6 years old is the size of an infant.
December 26th 2010 / Text Story
Emerson Strojny, 5 years old with an uncertain future. All sorts of tests and still no diagnosis.
December 18th 2010 / Video Clip
Nicholas Volker, 4 years old faces a baffling illness. Doctors pioneer a DNA technique.
December 17th 2010 / Text Story
Harriet Gregory, 19 months old with a mystery illness. Her family hopes to use stem cell from brother umbilical code blood.
November 28th 2010 / Text Story
Aidan Bowie, 9 years old has been a mystery to his doctors since he was born.
November 25th 2010 / Text Story
Laura, 3 years old may have the same mystery illness that caused the death of her brother.
November 19th 2010 / Text Story
Katie Blackmar, 23 years old has an undiagnosed illness that has allowed her only 16 days out of the hospital.
November 18th 2010 / Text Story
Cole, 4 years old has an undiagnosed illness that requires him to be in and out of the hospital often.
October 27th 2010 / Text Story
Malcolm Bear, 8 years old has a condition that has baffled his doctors. Swelling that causes is lower have to be larger.
October 25th 2010 / Text Story
Jacob Darley, six, is still undiagnosed after five years of scans and tests, giving him an uncertain future.
October 19th 2010 / Text Story
Reece, who turns 5 next month, suffers from a series of symptoms that have baffled specialists.
October 14th 2010 / Text Story
Jack has an undiagnosed syndrome and attends a specialist school.
October 2nd 2010 / Text Story
Parents of Jack, who died at 16 months old, are still searching for reasons why a year after his death.
October 2nd 2010 / Text Story
Brooke Hankins, 20, suffers from an undiagnosed syndrome that threatens her immune system and white blood cells.
August 26th 2010 / Text Story
Harriet Gregory's mystery illness has prompted her parents to search internationally  for help.
August 19th 2010 / Text Story
Doctors suspect a rare metabolic condition is behind 3 year old Maddie's dystonia.
July 21st 2010 / Text Story
Reece baffles doctors with his recurring skin sores, internal bleeding, asthma and fevers up to 106 degrees.
June 28th 2010 / Text Story
21 year old Lizzie suffers from a rare, undiagnosed medical condition which has left her with a skeletal frame even though she eats up to 60 times a day.
June 24th 2010 / Text Story
Ethan has a series of problems, which have no known diagnosis and have stumped his doctors
May 25th 2010 / Text Story
Abbi, 19 months old loses battle with same neurological condition that claimed sister
May 18th 2010 / Text Story
Kate is medically fragile but they can't put a name or a reason to it. There is a new program to help children like Kate, those with an undiagnosed disease.
May 13th 2010 / Video Clip
Jocelyn started with a fever a week before her first birthday now she is an 8 year old who is bed bound.
April 28th 2010 / Text Story
2 1/2 year old Ellie has an illness that no one can explain. Her random fevers and inability to walk, talk, hold her head straight or sit up for any length of time have ultimately baffled them all,
April 9th 2010 / Text Story
Kain has baffled doctors ever since he was born at 31 weeks weighing just 3 lbs 3oz. At age 10 he is still the size of a toddler.
April 3rd 2010 / Text Story
Savannah West looks like a typical happy baby though she battles daily against an unknown illness which is having a drastic impact on her life. At seventeen months old she suffers from frequent seizures, struggles to see and her tiny muscles are so weak that she is unable to even sit up unaided.
March 18th 2010 / Text Story
The diagnosis of Levi was a syndrome so rare it is simply referred to as the unknown syndrome. Levi was born mentally handicapped as well as a cleft pallet ears that require hearing aids and the syndrome also affects the growth and maturation process that limits his mobility and flexibility.
March 9th 2010 / Text Story
At age 2, Eli Jenkins does not talk, crawl or walk. He has trouble swallowing and cannot feed himself. He takes medication to control seizures. Paige, now 4˝-years old, was born healthy and developed normally until the age of 10 months, when she came down with a fever and suffered a seizure.
October 22nd 2009 / Text Story
Jack was born on June 6, 2008, a healthy little boy, but at three-months-old he stopped putting on weight and was constantly vomiting.
October 14th 2009 / Text Story
Top doctors are trying to diagnose the condition that has left the courageous two-year-old, James Fewster-Smith, facing a number of operations that could shape his life.
October 8th 2009 / Text Story
The 17-month-old Ruby is suffering from an undiagnosed gastric disorder, which in spite of repeated invasive testing, remains a mystery.
October 6th 2009 / Text Story
19 year old Jessie suffers from an undiagnosed illness that affects her speech and motor skills and is making her eyes cross.
August 20th 2009 / Text Story
Sierra recently has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from an undiagnosed illness that has caused her to be hospitalized several times a year since she was an infant.

News Coverage


  July 4th 2011 / Text Story
Nic Volker's is a medical mystery, spending more than 700 days in the hospital with a gut disease doctors couldn't diagnose.


  June 21st 2011 / Text Story
Leah has a mystery illness and a team of 40-odd doctors have been unable to figure out what is making her sick. She suffers from seizures and they, in turn, are making it hard for her to breathe. She’s had a battery of tests, including blood work and spinal taps.


  April 13th 2011 / Text Story
Kael Landry appears to be a healthy, happy young boy. But at 13 months old, he's developmentally behind and still wears clothes made for 3-month-old babies.


  March 3rd 2011 /  Text Story
Doctors have been unable to diagnose 6-year-old Luke Akerstrom's condition.


  February 23rd 2011 / Update April 23rd 2011 Text Story
12 month old Joseph has an undiagnosed condition. Family try's to get him treatment.
  January 19th 2011 / Text Story / Text Story
3 year old Chase Britton is missing his entire cerebellum.


  January 19th 2011 / Text Story
40 year old Benjamin Button looks like a child and Gabby Williams, 6 years old is the size of an infant.

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  November 8th 2010 / Text Story
Brent Barnett, 11 years old is undergoing a barrage of medical tests at the NIH Undiagnosed Disease Program.


  August 20th 2010 / Text Story
Kylie McPeak, attends the Undiagnosed Disease Program


  August 20th 2010 / Text Story
Update on Christian Susko


  July 21st 2010 / Text Story
Three-year-old Christian Susko has been in a coma for 40 days, but doctors have been trying to untangle his medical mystery for two years


April 6th 2010 / Text Story
Colin Raye's granddaughter passes away. Haley suffered from a neurological disorder which had not been correctly diagnosed during her short life.
  February 12th 2010 / Text Story
Nine-year-old Tiffany Searle from American Fork has a disease that has baffled doctors for years. Although they still have no official diagnosis, they are quite certain Tiffany has a short time to live.


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October 23rd 2005 / Text Story
12 year old Brooke is still the size of an infant, the doctors have never seen another like her. They have labeled her with an unknown syndrome.

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