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Government Disability Website

Recently the U.S. Department of Labor launched the Disability.gov website, which a redesigned from the previous DisabilityInfo.gov. This website it intended to connect Americans with disabilities to thousands to trusted resources on disability-related issues, programs and services. It has been completely updated and redesigned with new social media tools. The website is not just for Americans with disabilities, but also for parents of children with disabilities, employers, workforce and human resource professionals, veterans, educators, caregivers and many others.

Disability.gov features comprehensive information from 22 federal agencies, as well as educational institutions, non-profit organizations and state and local governments. Topics covered on the site include: benefits; civil rights; community life; education; emergency preparedness; employment; health; housing; technology; and transportation.

Including Samuel

Including Samuel will be featured on public television this fall. This documentary was created by a father who is a photojournalist, his son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. It is an award winning film that chronicles a 4 year span of the families efforts to include their son Samuel in to every aspect of their lives. The film not only portrays the hopes and struggles of Samuel's family but also shares the experiences of four other individuals  with disabilities and their families. Be sure to check out the upcoming broadcasts on the Including Samuel website

Rock Stars of Science

Rock S.O.S's mission is to accelerate science from research bench to bedside. Their motto is "From cause to cure in our time". They are celebrating the minds of the most brilliant scientists that are dedicated to finding cures for the diseases that threaten our future, and America's Rock Stars are standing behind them.

Do you know a Rock Star of Science? Nominate them today!

In our lifetime, we deserve to see:

  • Our brain span match our life span
  • Early diagnosis improve out odds
  • Our DNA become the blueprint for health
  • Research funding as a national priority

To stand together and refuse to accept "No Cure" as an answers. You can sign their declaration.

New Faces on our Website

We have a few new faces on our website Nathan and Simra. Be sure to check out them out on Our Children's section of our website. You are welcome to share your child on our site, too.

In The News

Elijah Bullard is a 2 year old who has experienced medical issues since birth, yet still doesn't have a diagnosis. This article describes the frustration the family has as well as the Bill that would track undiagnosed cases. read more

10 year old Sierra Bland is living with the affects from and undiagnosed illness. This article shares about her experience with her illness and her need for a service dog. read more

A boy with a mystery illness helping other children with disabilities. Tyler Davis was born with an illness that doctors have never seen befoe. read more

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