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Undiagnosed Patient Program


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Exome Sequencing Give Away

Global Genes has partnered with SWAN USA to provide Undiagnosed Rare Disease Patients an opportunity for Free Whole Exome Sequencing.

Global Genes Undiagnosed Patient Program started from their first fundraising appeal at their Second Annual Tribute to Champions of Hope on September 21, 2013. Soon after they put together an advisory board to help move this program forward. SWAN USA's founder and president, Amy Clugston is part of the advisory board.

Patients will be selected from SWAN USA's members who are in need of exome sequencing to further their process in finding a diagnosis. Patients must meet a set of criteria to be in the selection process.

Global Genes has selected Boston-based Parabase Genomics and the UCLA Clinical Genomics Center as the first clinical genomic sequencing providers for the program.


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